Fox Lighting Galleries has been a family-owned operation since 1953. We are a Chicago agency with pride in our “in-stock” selections. We have lighting appliances of all kinds that include lamps, sconces, pendants, chandeliers, fans, track brackets and LED displays. Our lighting is effective for a variety of interior spaces.

Consider our collection for the living room, the foyer, the bathroom, the dining room, hallways and bedrooms. Start with these lighting options when installing suitable lights in your kitchen:

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting: This classification deals with light fixtures that are installed flushed against a wall or ceiling. The end result is a smooth and clean look that fits with the design features of your kitchen. You have the choice between LED or standard lights.

Under-Cabinet Lights

Under-Cabinet Lights: These lights give you the right visual quality when working in the kitchen. Our customers enjoy them because they are placed out of sight. These fixtures are installed in a similar fashion as recessed lights are. They hide flush under cabinets. You’re then giving light without seeing the direct origin of it.

 Island Lighting

Island Lighting: Island light fixtures are a type of chandelier that have become popular for the kitchen. You’ll recognize them by a long linear appearance placed above counter and table tops.

 Pot Rack Fixtures

Pot Rack Fixtures: The kitchen you have becomes versatile when installing a light fixture that acts both as a ceiling rack for your pots while securing the right lighting for your space. These racks come complete with hooks to hang all of your pots and pans on. Materials vary and styles range from polished steel to a rustic iron finish.

There’s A World Of Possibility

There’s a world of possibility when measuring the potentials you have with lighting. The kitchen can bring family together and give you space to unwind while cooking. Make sure that you have sufficient lighting, and get a better look throughout our catalogue today.

We are always ready to install kitchen lights in Chicago.