Whether you’re new to the trade show circuit or have been attending conventions for years, one aspect of planning your company’s role in such an event that causes many businesses trouble is the issue of custom displays. Custom displays are the best way to advertise your business in a way that is eye-catching and appealing, drawing in potential customers. Consumers don’t want to see the same cookie-cutter design scattered throughout the convention room or trade room floor, and are drawn to booths with individuality and a unique appeal. With their benefits well known, one decision companies wrestle with is whether to buy or rent custom displays for their conventions. Here are some benefits of both buying and renting custom displays.

Renting Allows For A New Approach Each Time

When thinking about whether you should buy or rent custom displays, consider how you want to use the display for each event. If you’d prefer to try one look for your next event, and then switch it up and try another for the one after, renting is definitely the way to go. If you go with the right rental company, you can still have your booth custom designed to your specifications, and can still benefit from the experience and expertise of a reputable design company. The benefit is that you can try for a new feel for each show, or try a number and then opt to buy when you’ve found the perfect look for your business.

Buying Allows For Consistency

On the other hand, buying your booth from the design company allows you to have a lot more options for customization, and makes your booth easily recognizable for consumers who attend multiple trade shows or events. It also allows you to make whatever changes you would like to the booth without worry about voiding or violating your rental contract. The biggest perk to buying custom displays, however, is the easy brand recognition that comes with it – allowing your visitors to quickly identify you in the crowd and recommend your exhibit to friends.

Consider Costs

When you rent custom displays, you do not need to worry about how they are going to be stored between events. Purchasing one outright, however, means that there are storage costs to be factored in to the decision. Most organizations will have some space available, and a reputable exhibit design company will ensure that it is dismantled in a way that can be safely stored.

In addition to storage, there is the cost of buying the unit outright as opposed to renting it. Companies who attend more than three conventions or trade shows per year will benefit the most from buying their unit, while companies who only attend one or two would benefit the most from renting their custom displays.

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