Making the decision to purchase a reconditioned Reliance DC Motor MC2812ATZ is a smart choice for many different reasons. While the most obvious issue is the lower cost, which can be significant as compared to a new motor, there are often OTHER benefits to factor in as well.

It is important to take the time to understand the difference between a used and reconditioned Reliance DC Motor MC2812ATZ. Used motors are sold as-is, and typically are only generally described by the seller when sold privately or through equipment auctions or brokers.

A reconditioned Reliance DC Motor MC2812ATZ is one that has been thoroughly tested and fully repaired to like-new OEM condition. This is still a used motor, but it should have been fully tested, repaired and certified by the business making the sale. As each business has their own standards for certifying these reconditioned motors, choosing a top company with a solid reputation for quality work is essential.

Certification Process

Any company selling reconditioned AC or DC motors should provide a full list of what is included in the process. This includes the tests, services, repairs and parts replacements that are included in the reconditioning process. With this type of transparency, the buyer knows just what has been done and what has been tested and verified as in working condition.

Warranty Considerations

Take a close look at what the company offers as a warranty or as a guarantee of the condition of the motor when it arrives to the customer. The top companies allow for on-site testing of the AC or DC motor by the customer, with the seller paying the return freight if the motor does not arrive as described or does not function to the indicated standards.

Reconditioned motors are often sold with up to one year warranty. This provides the buyer with confidence that the motor that arrives is in working condition.