There’s a lot to be said for purchasing an older home. Between the style and the beautiful details, there’s also the sense of being in a space with a history in an established neighborhood. While that’s great, it makes sense to consider the condition of the current solutions for heating and cooling. That includes deciding if the current furnace is in proper working order or if it needs to be replaced before winter arrives. Here are some signs that going over replacement options with a professional would be a good idea.

The Age of the Unit

By talking with the previous owner, it’s established the heating equipment was in place when that individual purchased the home a couple of decades ago. Even at that time, the furnace had obviously been in use for some time. Given the age of the unit, it may be time to think about a replacement. While age is not the only factor, it does serve as grounds for finding out if the furnace is still capable of providing heat efficiently.

The Unit’s General Condition

It may look fine, but it takes more than a casual glance to determine if the device will provide plenty of heat while keeping energy consumption to a minimum. The only way to be sure is to have a professional conduct a complete system check. If the unit is still in great shape and needs little other than cleaning before cold weather returns, the new owner can relax and focus more on system maintenance. Should the inspection indicate that quite a few parts are wearing out and will need to be replaced soon, it may be time to think about investing in something new.

Finding Parts

If the unit utilizes standard parts that are still widely available, that will certainly keep the task of upkeep easier. When the professional indicates that finding replacement parts is getting more difficult each year, now is a good time to think about buying something new. Doing so ensures that if repairs are needed during the next couple of decades, finding parts will not be a headache.

Before making any decision, have a professional from Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling take a look. After the inspection, it will be easier to decide what needs to happen before the weather turns cold again.