The good news is that the house wasn’t on the market long and the buyer was willing to meet the seller’s asking price. There is one small snag: the buyer wants to take possession of the property now instead of later. Since the seller’s new home will not be ready for a couple of months, that poses a problem. Before assuming there will be too much work to do, call a local Moving Company in Tulsa OK and see what they can do. Here is what the caller is likely to find out.

The Mover Has Connections

While this type of event may seem unusual to the seller, the team at the local Moving Company in Tulsa OK has seen this sort of thing happen many times before. That’s why they established connections with a series of local storage facilities. When a client needs to vacate a home or business site quickly but is not ready to move into a new place just yet, the team swings into action by reserving storage space with one of those partners. That sets the stage for handling the rest of the project.

Sending Out a Team of Packers

With time growing short, it may seem impossible to pack up everything and be out of the house so quickly. The same moving company can dispatch a team of professional packers who dive in and have everything ready for transport in no time. From fragile items like the family china to bulky things like the refrigerator, they will know how to prepare everything quickly and efficiently. All the client has to do is ask and then step to one side as the team works its magic.

Transporting the Belongings

Once everything is packed, the movers will come in and load up the van. All the items are taken directly to the storage unit already secured for the client. The belongings will remain in storage until the new place is ready. At that time, the movers will empty the unit and make sure everything gets to the new home without any delays.

Before assuming a move will be difficult to manage, click here and talk with a professional. It will be easy to determine what kind of support is needed before, during, and after the move, come up with a plan, and ensure everything goes off without any problems.