Sometimes, the actions of a child or teenager cause seriously injuries to a person. This person may wonder whether it’s possible to file a lawsuit against the parents to obtain financial compensation. A personal injury law attorney in Gonzales, LA can offer a free consultation to evaluate the situation and determine whether this is a reasonable case.

Age Considerations

Often, a child who is not yet a teenager may be considered too immature to be legally negligent. A personal injury law attorney in Gonzales, LA would need to hear the circumstances to gauge whether a judge and jury might believe the child should have known better than to do a certain action. For example, a 6-year-old may not understand what harm could be caused by lighting a bush on fire on residential property. A 12-year-old probably should realize that the bush could start a house on fire.

The Liability of Parents

The parents as well as their child, are named in the lawsuit because the parents, or an insurance policy they own, must pay the compensation if the youngster is found liable. Parents are generally considered responsible for their children’s behavior, which makes them liable if someone is injured.

One of the more common incidents in this legal realm is when a teenager covered by parental automotive insurance causes a serious accident that injures someone. That kind of incident becomes more complicated if the teen was driving a vehicle belonging to a friend or that friend’s parents. Now lawyers may argue about which automotive policy should pay the compensation. If the insurance companies successfully dispute liability, the teenager’s parents are at risk of being sued directly.

The Possibility of Malicious Intent

The situation is also complicated if the injured person is accusing the child of being deliberately malicious. Lawsuits have been filed, for instance, after a youngster grabs a cane away from a disabled person on a sidewalk or in a store. The parents may protest that the child was too young to understand what could happen.

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