Can My Room Benefit from Space Dividers?

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Now, you don’t necessarily have to go through a costly remodel just to achieve the space that you want in your office or home. While you may feel than an extra wall here or there could help to break up your space and create a more efficient, useful environment – you can accomplish this through adding space dividers where you feel appropriate. It’s much cheaper than putting up physical walls, and it doesn’t limit you in terms of possibilities should your needs or tastes change down the line.

Designed to Your Specifications
When you work with a sales professional from Space Plus, we can help you optimize the space you have.  For example, these partitions will act as major focal points for a room – so ensuring they’re well designed and tied in with your existing décor is important. All of the solutions from Space Plus include glass panels with aluminum frames. There are various locking options available in addition to the numerous glass types and frame colors!

An Office Environment
Space dividers just come in handy in any work area you can think of.  They can also be quite useful for facilities planners who are looking to close off certain portions of a room for conferences, private work spaces, or even common areas like dining areas or break rooms. Essentially, anywhere you have an area that requires natural light and yet the desire to stop unnecessary foot traffic– a divider can be used to make it more functional and flexible.

Beautiful Designs
These dividers can actually be quite beautiful as well.  Combining sleek materials like tempered or laminated glass along with aluminum frames,  can create an entirely new look for a room while giving it a bit of modern flare at the same time.

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