Buying a vehicle is a stressful time, but after bankruptcy, it can seem nearly impossible. Most traditional lending facilities won’t help you because you’re too much of a risk. They know they have a lower chance of being paid back because of your past troubles and may not want to give you a car loan in Houston TX. However, there are specialty companies out there who are willing to help those after bankruptcies and bad credit scores. Understanding what to do can make the process easier.

Get Your Report/Score

The first step is to know how bad the situation is. Request your free credit score and report, or pay a small fee if required. It’s essential that you see what others will see. Likewise, you should check the report for any discrepancies.

Gather Money

In most cases, it is best if you can pay off smaller loans, but after bankruptcies, you have no debt, though it still shows up on the report. Therefore, you’ll want to spend time and gather as much money as possible for a down payment on a vehicle. This can keep your Houston TX car loan lower, which means you’re paying less interest. If you have to pay some debts back after the bankruptcy, you may not have enough money, but may still be able to find loans that fit your needs.

Shop Around

You have between 14 and 45 days to request loans from financial institutions and other places, especially if you want them all to fall into one report on your credit report. However, it’s still best to go through as few as possible. Those companies that offer pre-approval may be best because you’ll know instantly and can choose to work with them immediately. For more helpful information, visit at