For many students, attending parties is part of the college experience. Some colleges are famous for the massive campus-wide parties that their students throw every semester. In response, some dorm rooms have stricter rules to prevent mass gatherings and raucous weekend celebrations. But you’re looking at student apartments near Colorado State University and that means more freedom. What are your partying prospects if you rent a student apartment?

Can You Throw a Large Party When Living in a Student Apartment?

While it’s true that student apartments have fewer rules than dorm rooms, that doesn’t mean that they have no rules at all. You’ll still have to abide by rules that prevent you from making a lot of noise and disturbing the other residents. In other words, don’t plan on throwing a massive party with all the residents when you get there.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Most student apartments hold social events throughout the year that offer games, prizes, free food and the chance to meet your new neighbors. You’ll also be only a few minutes from the college campus, so you can drop by any time for parties, events and football games. And since you’re living in a student apartment, you won’t have to abide by a curfew.

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