Carbon Credits and Mycorrhizal Inoculants: An Eco-Friendly Solution

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Agricultural Service

Climate change is a leading cause of crises that governments, businesses, and individuals are facing today globally. Hence there has been a growth in the researchers’ activities to find viable ways of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. Carbon credit have been noted for being one of the solutions that has been given considerable attention. This system aims at the mitigation of carbon emissions by offering financial advantages to those who involve in the sustainability.

What Are Carbon Credits?

This the name of the (GHG) unit of measurement that is used to quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. They are calculated by the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other GHGs removed or trapped. Carbon credit concept involve the creation of an environment whereby an organization or an individual is provided with incentives to reduce their emissions through offsetting their emissions via projects that put in place emissions reductions measures in other part.

Mycorrhizal Inoculants – A Way to Store Carbon in Soil

The mycorrhizal inoculants are the beneficial fungi which form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots where the plant would be able to absorb more nutrients and a sufficient amount of water as compared to its normal level. In a similar way, they can store atmospheric carbon by capturing it in their soils through mycelium networks.

The Advantages of Mixing Carbon Credits and Mycorrhizal Inoculants With Farmers

The application of mycorrhizal inoculants alongside carbon credit will yield a better capacity to store carbon. By using mycorrhizal inoculants, agricultural, forestry, and restoration projects can significantly increase their carbon sequestration potential, allowing them to earn additional carbon credit. This form of monetary compensation can help cover the upfront costs of sustainable measures and make it economically viable for companies to carry out eco-friendly business practices.

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