For most people here on Earth, going into outer space will only ever be a dream. Space tourism will be available soon to the general public, but you will still need several hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate. A different way to be able to be connected to the cosmos is to purchase custom meteorite rings.

Most of the meteorites that fall to earth are made of stone and are difficult to distinguish from other normal terrestrial rocks. About 5% of all meteorites that have fallen to earth are made of iron. Iron may seem like a pedestrian material, but while traveling through space and being heated in the earth’s atmosphere, amazing crystal patterns form in these meteors. As a result, they display beautiful patterns that look like moderns art, but were in fact created by nature. The sharp prismatic patterns make lovely and distinct jewelry.

Because of the natural inclusions and imperfections in meteorite rings, these rings are usually made from another metal with a inlay or thin veneer of meteorite on the surface. This makes the ring comfortable to wear, while still being able to enjoy the beautiful patterns of a genuine space rock. Other options for meteorite rings include lining a solid band of meteorite with another metal. Gold, platinum, or silver can be used for this purpose.

Meteorite looks and feels different than other more traditional jewelry making materials. It is very dense and heavy, and refracts light in interesting ways. Like other metals, meteorite can be laser etched to make your ring look even more stunning and futuristic. With laser etching you can write a message, a saying, or simply your name on your ring for a personal touch to an already original ring.

Meteorite rings come in styles for both men and women. You could even purchase a matching wedding set to make exchanging your wedding vows even more special. Some rings have been combined with other natural materials to make amazing combinations of textures and colors. Check out rings with meteorite inlays places next to dear antler or ruby redwood. The whirls in wood beautifully contrast the more angular patterns from the meteorite. These inlays can be placed on a core made of titanium, gold, platinum, or silver. You can custom design your ring to meet your demands and expectations with the help of a skilled jeweler.

Feel free to splurge to own wearable star stuff by purchasing meteorite rings. If you are looking for a creative option for an engagement ring, a wedding band, or an accessory, meteorite rings are guaranteed to be some of the most unique rings on the market. Visit