Since ancient times gold has been considered to be one of the most precious metals used for currency and jewelry. In modern technology it is used in wide range of applications such as electronics, medicine, dentistry, nanotechnology, engineering, space, and automotive. In fact, there are new processes and technologies being developed each day that use gold in one way or another. That is why Gold Sellers Greenville would like to buy your old gold jewelry, coins, and anything else made of the precious metal. They also buy silver and platinum items.

Many people have been selling their gold and other valuables at Gold Sellers Greenville for extra income. The recent financial crisis has encouraged many folks to sell their precious metals to cover expenses. This is especially true if they have lost their jobs or retirement income due to the economic downturn. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals tend to hold their value in these uncertain economic times. This is why people invest in gold as a financial hedge against the collapse of the economy. It also encourages gold prices to rise so you can get a good deal from selling your gold coins and jewelry.

If you want to sell your precious metals, simply bring your items to the Gold Sellers Greenville Company location where a professional staff member will weigh and evaluate the articles. The business buys many things that contain precious metals such as coins, watches, dental gold, broken chains, rings, class rings, pendants, earrings, flatware, nuggets, and much more. It makes a lot more sense to sell your broken gold and silver jewelry rather than letting it continue to languish in your jewelry box.

You should be able to receive top dollar for your precious metals based on purity and weight. First, the Gold Sellers Greenville appraisers may test your items with a special magnet that can detect simulated jewelry. There is also a chemical test that can be used to determine authenticity. Your gold items are then separated into categories for purity such as 10K, 14K, 18K, and so on. Real silver jewelry is typically stamped with numbers such as 925 which means it is 92.5 percent pure. Finally, a fair offer is made which you may accept, and you can walk out with a handful of cash you didn’t have before!