One of the favorite places to visit for entertainment out of Harrisburg is Atlantic City. It is less than a three hour bus ride, so it makes for an easy bus trip. In fact, a lot of people book bus trips to Atlantic City just for the day. There is still plenty of time to gamble or even catch some live entertainment. For any person planning a visit, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to get the most savings for the entire cost of the travel package to Atlantic City.

Group Tours
The first thing that should be considered when planning a tour by bus in Harrisburg, PA is to try and organize the trip as a group. It is always more fun to visit Atlantic City as a group. The great thing is that a lot of bus tour companies offer special discounts or packages when tours are booked as a group. The group leader, in particular, will always receive a few comps for bringing the group to the tour company. This is always a nice perk for the group leader.

Another way to save money on a bus in Harrisburg, PA is to book activities together as a package. This can include show tickets, dining vouchers at area restaurants in Atlantic City, or even bundled hotel accommodations for any person or group that wants to make the trip and overnight visit to Atlantic City.

Early Booking Discounts
There are often early booking discounts for bus tour packages or casino packages. These can vary depending on the time of year, but almost everyone offers some sort of a discount for booking tickets ahead of time. These discounts are not just limited to the base price of the bus tour either. They can sometimes be offered in the form of casino credits. This is completely dependent on the casino hotels to include these types of offerings with tour packages, so it is not always a guarantee. For the most part, these casino credits are quite common.

For overnight packages, it is best to try and book packages on dates that do not fall during major events such as the NCAA basketball tournament, Super Bowl, etc. These major events draw more of a crowd to Atlantic City so sometimes the rates for rooms are higher than they would normally be.

There are actually a lot of travel options available for trips to Atlantic City out of Harrisburg. It is just close enough to make a day trip out of it but too far to really drive by one’s self. Booking a tour package to Atlantic City allows for greater enjoyment without having to worry about the drive so they can maximize the fun.