When you buy a home, always check for signs of previous house foundation repair. Settlement issues may lead to cracks in your walls which the previous owner may have tried to cover up. If possible, have any home you want to buy thoroughly inspected by a professional to discover early if there are any settlement issues. If you catch the problem before you sign, you may even be able to require that they get repairs done before you do so. If you already own the home, there are more signs you can look for that might indicate foundation problems and catching them is relatively easy once you know where to search.

Uneven Floors

Your living room should not slant more than a quarter of an inch in any given direction and anything more than this can be an indicator of settling. House foundation repair in Houston, TX is required once you notice this and you can check for slanting using tape measures, laser lines, and levels. In extreme cases, you do not need to check for it as the floors will be slanted dramatically. Calling in a Houston house foundation repair professional should help you determine if the problem is in fact with your foundation or with your beams or joists.

Unstable Chimney

If your home has a chimney, pay attention to the brickwork for signs of cracking or leaning as this could also indicate settling in your foundation. House foundation repair is cost-effective and fast, helping you get back to your daily routine with fewer delays. In some cases, the chimney is not actually sharing a foundation or fitting with the house itself, which could mean that the chimney foundation or slab is sinking and there is no immediate effect on your house. Calling a professional will ensure that you know exactly where the source of your issue is and how to address it in such a way that stays inside your budget.