College students planning on landing in Tallahassee, Florida, to attend classes at the nearby FSU campus are in for an awesome surprise. More students are saying no to the ordinary and ultra boring student lifestyle typically ensured with dorm living. Instead, these students are opting for renting spacious, beautiful and super luxurious apartments close to FSU.

Select from One to Two Level Apartment Floor Plans

Students often prefer to share living expenses with roommates to save money. Now, students can select from the standard one level gorgeous floor plan, or they can opt for renting a two-story layout instead. Both of these apartment options come fully furnished with lavish decor details so stunning, students will wake up each morning thinking that their new living environment is just a dream.

Room to Socialize with Both Outdoor & Indoor Community Areas

Most students enjoy socializing with other students at least some of the time that they are in college. At one incredibly posh complex, featuring spectacular apartments close to the FSU campus, students realize that this student living community offers both outdoor and indoor community areas along with plenty of quiet spots tucked away too.

Upscale Amenities Included in Reasonable Rental Price

Students often can’t believe their good fortune. All of the sensational upscale amenities are included in the reasonable rental price as an added bonus. Swim in an exotic spa-worthy pool, hangout in the game room with friends or cuddle with your welcome dog. Contact Redpoint West Tenn.