Lack of space and increasing demand for housing options has left many cities crippled. The problem is the worst in major metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai where the population has far exceeded the city’s capacity to accommodate and now the city limits are rapidly expanding to the nearby less inhabited areas.

Chennai has been facing this problem for a comparatively lesser time now. In the recent years, with political and policy changes of the country, MNCs started pouring into India for their IT needs. Chennai was among the most favorite cities, due to the perfect location and connectivity by sea as well as air.

This has created need for more and more office and residential space in the city. Both of which is being explored by the world class builder, Pacifica Companies and other builders in Chennai.

Pacifica Companies are known for their projects in some major US cities like New York and Los Angeles. They have recently entered the Indian market and have already planned various projects in cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai.

In Chennai, their projects include residential as well as office complexes.

Residential Projects:

Pacifica Companies have laid down two kinds of residential projects in Chennai; Aurum Villas and Pride and Happiness Towers. Both these projects are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the IT professionals the company seeks to cater to. The location is close to various big offices and the amenities include everything, from fitness to enjoyment.

Office Projects:

Pacifica has also launched an IT Park in the city, looking to cater to various upcoming and incoming IT companies looking for office spaces. Apart from the basic amenities like 24-hour security and parking spaces, this IT park is designed to be completely fire resistant and would include some of the most high tech security systems in order to protect the companies from any leakage of vital information.