Choose A Gun For Your Needs

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Jewelry

Perhaps it is obvious to many that you enter a gun shop in Marietta GA to choose a gun that you need. However, the gun store experience is very different to many people. For instance, a pistol is a relatively small thing, not much different in many ways from a toaster. However, a toaster cannot take a man’s life. There is an allure in danger of a pistol. Many men enter a gun store and immediately head to the section featuring the Beretta, the preferred pistol in the James Bond novels. That gun immediately brings to mind international intrigue, intimidating villains, and fabulous women. The fact of the matter is that some wives enter gun stores with their husbands only to see them lose themselves in one fantasy or another. It is a very emotionally charged experience, and is not a good mindset for choosing the pistol or rifle that you really want.

One good way to get your decision on track before you even enter a gun shop in Marietta GA is to decide how you will use the firearm. The three most common reasons for purchasing guns are home defense, hunting, and target shooting. Target shooting has the least requirements of all three. In fact, the shell size (caliber) and the weight of the gun are often reduced in order to increase accuracy. However, for home defense or for hunting, the requirement of the gun is stopping power. Whether you are shooting at a burglar, a pheasant, or a bear, your gun should be suited to killing the target with a single shot. If this sounds cold and dramatic, then you should revisit your reasons for buying a gun. If you pull out a gun to intimidate a burglar without really intending to shoot, you run a real risk of having your own gun turned back on you.

The best way to choose a hunting gun is to decide on a specific game. If you plan to hunt both bear and pheasant, then you should plan to own two different guns. The second thing you need to plan is a place to practice. Hunting itself is mostly stalking or waiting. There is very little shooting. However, when you finally take that shot, you want it to count. This means regular practice. Certain types of high-caliber weapons are not allowed on many shooting ranges. Be sure to arrange everything through your gun shop in Marietta GA before you make the actual purchase.

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