In NYC, independent trainers are the same as freelance fitness trainers. They aren’t employed as a worker for a specific gym or fitness club. However, those gyms may sometimes contract independent trainers in NYC to teach classes or to work with clients as a personal trainer.

From the perspective of the client, there may not be a significant difference between a personal trainer who works specifically for a gym and one who works as an independent contractor. But what about from the perspective of the trainer? If you are considering a career in fitness, then you will need to decide if you want to work independently or as an employee.

The Benefit of Job Security

Traditional personal trainers have the added benefit of job security. If they are good at their job and the gym they work for is successful, then it’s likely they’ll hold their job for a long time. They know that every pay day they will bring home a check that they can use to pay their bills and live their lives. It’s a bit riskier for independent trainers in NYC, at least at first.

In time, an independent trainer can secure a number of reliable clients. They build a reputation for themselves, and this provides them with a sense of job security. It’s not exactly the same as working as a payroll employee, but it’s enough to cope with any anxieties.

The Benefits of Flexibility and Control

As with most independent contractors, independent fitness trainers have a much higher degree of flexibility and control with their work. There’s no boss telling them that they absolutely must work with a specific client. They choose who they work with, how often they work, and how much effort they are willing to put into their career.

Playing the Field

There’s nothing stopping you from testing both possibilities. You could begin as an independent contractor and then settle into a payroll position if you prefer the security. Or you could begin as an employee while you work on building your own list of clients. At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you.