A general dentist provides care to patients at every stage of life, and they can provide oral care for your entire family. These dental practitioners take responsibility for the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions, and if you need a specific type of dental procedure, they can refer you to a specialist.

Where Does a General Dentist Practice?

Most of America and Canada’s 143,000 practicing dentists are in the general dentistry field. Some practice alone, and some belong to partnerships or group practices. Others work in the public sector, institutes of higher learning, and in the military.

What Services do General Dentists Provide?

Most general dentists are well trained in a variety of oral procedures, instead of specializing in only one area of dentistry. These dentists can provide your entire family with services like:

Bridges and crowns

Cosmetic procedures such as veneers and tooth whitening

Dentures and implants

Periodontal disease treatment

Mouth guards for teeth grinding and snoring cessation

Nutritional counseling for better oral health


Oral surgery

Restorative care

Root canals

Cleanings and sealants

Smoking cessation

Therapy for TMJ

How Much Education Does a General Dentist Need?

To work in the general dentistry field, a Dentist in Folsom must have a three year undergraduate degree, with an emphasis on science, along with a four-year dental school degree. After leaving dental school, a practitioner must take a licensing exam in the state in which they intend to practice.

The Difference Between DDS and DMD

There’s really no significant difference–just one letter in the name. Both types of dentists follow the same curriculum and get the same education. A DMD is a doctor of dental medicine, and a DDS is a doctor of dental surgery.

Dentists Belonging to the AGD

By belonging to this organization, a general Dentist in Folsom demonstrates that they care about the dental health of you and your family. AGD members engage in continuing education, which helps them stay up to date on the latest technology and procedures, and to provide you with the best treatment possible. If you need quality dental care in your area, call a local general dentist today.