Shopping for a new domicile is a pretty serious task. There are telltale signs to look out for that indicate whether you’re going to enjoy your time here or not. So, for anyone looking for apartments for sale in New York City, here are some tips and tricks for judging an apartment properly.

#1. Location

What’s the surrounding neighborhood like? How far is it from your job? Is there enough room to park? These questions are what you should be asking yourself when you first see the apartment. This apartment is where you’re going to be living and heading out from, so you should always make sure that it’s centrally located close to where you will regularly visit.

#2. Your landlord

Your building’s landlord is the one person in the entire complex whom you are guaranteed regular contact with. When you first meet your landlord to tour the apartment, keep a close eye on your landlord. Their movements, mannerisms, tone of voice when addressing certain people, and general way of carrying themselves should be under intense scrutiny. If something feels off about your landlord, it probably isn’t wise to voluntarily let them into your home every month or so.

#3. Maintenance

Ask your landlord questions about the integrity of the apartment’s design as you tour apartments for sale in New York City. Ask them the dates of the last two times the apartment needed to be repaired, regardless of the size of said repairs. Look around the house for anything that’s leaking, chipped or outright broken. An apartment that needs regular repairs is an apartment that will eat through your budget in no time flat. For this purpose, you should also inspect the appliances, and ask the same general questions about them in particular.

There are more than enough apartments out there for you to find one that’s ideal for you. Always hold standards for how you should live, and find a home that meets those standards. Be on the lookout for the above telltale signs, and you should be in an apartment you can be happy with in no time. For more information, visit 252 East 57th.