Choosing Home Security Monitoring Systems

by | Aug 14, 2013 | Security

Across the Atlantic, they used to say that “An Englishman’s home is his castle” and one would think that a castle would be a secure place in which to live. However, even the strongest fortress can fall to an enemy. In the US today, it is not the barbarian hordes who threaten us but, nevertheless, we are under threat. It would be a foolish person who could say “In my locality, I am totally secure and my home does not need a security system”. No matter where we live, we face threat on a daily basis; burglars and other intruders; or natural calamities ranging from earthquakes to weather; plus fire; etc., etc.

We do need to be wise and we all should investigate and install our own Home Security Monitoring Systems. Some of the requirements are obvious; burglar and fire alarms for example since these are probably the most likely threats to come our way. Flooding or build up of dangerous gases like carbon monoxide are also threats to our home security and we should asses our possible exposure to the less likely threats when selecting which type of Home Security Monitoring Systems to invest in.

Once we have conducted our own threat assessment analysis and decided on which types and brand of hardware to place within our home and its surrounds we still have an important choice to make. We can select the ultimate best, start of the art, warning devices and alarms and, although we hope that they will never be set off, we must consider what happens next in the event that our alarms do go off.

This is the function of the monitoring part of Home Security Monitoring Systems, the worst case scenario has occurred and your state of the art system has detected it and sirens or  bells are sounding at huge decibel levels – is there anyone around to hear them and, more importantly, will they know what to do to neutralize the threat? For your final choice, you want a company that employs fully trained people who are on duty 24 hours for every day of the year. This company should have a system that automatically transmits the alarm, from its source at your home, through to a monitoring center that can rush the corrective measures and services to your home without undue delay.

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