Baby gift baskets have become a popular choice for showers and new deliveries. Choosing the best one for a friend or loved one, however, can prove to be quite a trick. After all, with so many choices available, narrowing it down to a single basket might not be simple.

Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect basket for a new arrival:

Think Diversity

The best gift baskets Charleston WV not only create a strong visual impression, but include a mix of items that new moms need and want. A great balance includes some toys, clothing, perhaps a blanket and a keepsake present, such as a handprint tin. This rolls all potential great gifts into one neat presentation that’s visually pleasing and chockfull of usefulness and fun.

Think Unique

Great gift-givers know the secret to delivering surprises is finding something that is truly unique. This goes for baby shower gifts, too. The best baskets are designed especially for the baby in question. Consider baskets that offer personalization ability. This might extend to items inside or just be as simple as having the baby’s name on the ribbon. It’s the little extras that often make the wow factor that much bigger.

Demand Quality

When it comes to selecting a gift for a new baby quality and safety are both vitally important. Be sure to shop at locations that only offer the best in regard to both points. Toys included, for example, should be safe and not pose choking habits for newborns. Clothing should be well-made, soft and safe for newborns. Take the time to review the contents before selecting a basket.

Give it Personality

Consider the parents in question and their personalities, too, when selecting a basket. If they’re big sports fans, consider a theme that fits their favorite team. If they happen to be avid readers and it’s likely they’ll spend a lot of time with the little one reading great books, baskets themed around Dr. Seuss, ABCs and other similar educational items can make a huge splash.

The perfect baby gift basket isn’t hard to find. Just consider the contents inside, the personality of the parents and have fun picking out just the right basket to delight. The choices in this arena are likely to overwhelm, but do take time to ensure quality goes into every item inside.

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