Until very recently, choosing flame-retardant clothing was easy as the number of options you can find on the market was much lower. Today the market has changed and you have more than hundreds of brands and varieties to choose from.

Resistant or Retardant?

It has become almost impossible to buy a good product if you do not have previous experience with these garments. Finding the right flame-resistant garment is not as difficult when you know how to do it though. There are usually two approaches used to make these garments and one of them is to use a flame-resistant garment as a separate layer, while the other method involves treating the normal fabric with flame resistant chemicals. Both are good options, but there is a tradeoff. Heavier is better, and treating lightweight clothes is not as effective as safety garments built from square one with safety in mind.

Choose Your Fabric

The rating system is the best way to analyze the right type of fabric for your use. The maximum hazard category covers a wide range of occupations, including firefighters, construction workers, miners and other workers exposed to such threats. Based on this scoring system, it is very easy to find a fabric that can work very well in a risky situation. One of the common materials used for fire-resistant clothing are Nomex, but the exclusivity of Nomex has disappeared as there are now several other options available.

The Right Weight

The weight of the fabric is a very important tool while choosing fire resistant coveralls, and flexibility in any garment is also important. Without great flexibility and light weight, it is impossible for a person to escape quickly from an area affected by fire. Mobility is an important consideration. Mobility and protective rating are both very important factors to consider when purchasing these. Overall protection is a greater factor than mobility though, so check the ratings on the garments and choose the right garments for the occupation in question.

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