A self-propelled boat trailer is an essential asset for any busy boatyard. Because this type of trailer doesn’t require a tractor of any sort to move it around, it requires less space to maneuver. It can also offer you excellent space saving potential in terms of storage.

A powerful self-propelled boat trailer will facilitate making the available space in your boatyard more profitable. The latest, cutting edge boat trailers offer four-wheel hydrostatic drives, together with front guiding axles that oscillate to make turning a piece of cake. This increased degree of maneuverability makes this type of trailer a real boon to any busy, congested boatyard.

What to look for in a Self-propelled Boat Trailer

Good quality, self-propelled boat trailers are fitted with robust drive units that provide excellent traction evenly to each of the four wheels. These hydraulic boat trailers are built to tough, exacting standards that allow them to move with ease across various sorts of terrain. They can power up gradients, negotiate uneven ground and work quite happily on gravel.

One of the most important things about choosing the right self-propelled boat trailer is to ensure that the driver’s station is positioned to grant all round visibility. To allow extra clarity of the load, you can have a video camera fitted to your trailer. This can be positioned to allow the trailer operator to keep an eye on the bottom of the boat as it is being both loaded and unloaded.

Improve handling efficiency and reduce labor costs

When looking for a self-propelled boat trailer, you can choose from a submersible or non-submersible model, according to your needs. Some trailers can increase the available storage capacity of your boatyard by as much as 30%. In addition, the right trailer will enable you to make boat handling so much more efficient and in doing so, will reduce your labor costs.