Today, you have many ways to advertise the sale of a product. When you are selling something specific within an industry, trade journals are a great option. Classified Advertising For Tractors California, for example, have not gone out of style. Tractors are a specialized piece of equipment for a specific industry, so a classified ad in a trade publication makes sufficient sense.

Here are three types of classified ads you might consider placing.

Basic Classified Ad

A basic classified ad is plain. You have to get the point across as quickly as possible because you are being charged by the word. It does not have a photo and your initial fee usually covers 20 words maximum. For every word over the maximum, you are charged a fee per word.

Photo Classified Ad

A photo classified ad is a step up from the basic version. Usually, it will include the 20 word maximum as well as a color photo. For every additional word over the maximum, you will be charged a fee per word. When you are trying to sell a tractor, opting for the ad with the photo makes good business sense. Potential buyers would like to have a visual idea of what they may purchase. They are trying to gauge the condition so that they can ensure they are going to receive a fair deal.

Jumbo Photo Classified Ad

If you are selling a piece of equipment and you want to demonstrate that it is still in good condition, you might opt for the jumbo photo classified ad. The picture will be larger and more words will be allotted to you. Some publications offer a super jumbo photo option, too.

Classified Advertising For Tractors California offers several benefits, and it gives you access to a target and desired audience.