Family courts increasingly encourage divorcing parents to share custody of their children so they are both fully involved in the lives of their youngsters. The parents may both really want this as well. However, when a divorce is acrimonious and the two adults can barely stand to speak to each other, co-parenting is difficult. Attorneys who set up legal arrangements for child custody in Tacoma can help them with a relatively recent development: custody scheduling software.

Fundamental Features

A basic custody arrangement can be set up that is reflected in a full year’s calendar. An example might be the children staying with one parent Monday through Wednesday and the other parent Thursday and Friday, and rotating where they stay on the weekends. With this type of arrangement, it’s best for the kids if the parents live fairly close to each other in the same city so as not to disrupt their lives too much.

Holidays, school vacations, and other special times must be set up in this calendar. An attorney who provides representation for child custody in Tacoma consults the other spouse’s lawyer about what their client wants. Gradually, the entire year’s schedule is arranged.

The parents can view the calendar online in a private, secure site. Everything is color-coded to make the calendar easy to decipher with a quick glance. It’s also easy to search through the calendar for specifics.

Additional Advantages

The beauty of this software is that the parents don’t usually need to speak to each other about requests for changes. The court urges them to be accommodating about those requests. Important information about the child can also be noted in the software. One parent might note that a child has a dental appointment on a certain day, for example. The children do not have to function as a messaging service between the adults.

Future Modifications

An attorney such as Scott Candoo may recommend the calendar be revisited each year and appropriate changes made at that time. The lives of both the kids and the adults don’t remain static, and changes will likely be necessary at some point.