When you are considering ways to increase the safety of your home and family, you might be wondering about a smoke alarm vs carbon monoxide detector. Both of these products are critical to your health and safety. A smoke alarm is designed to alert you to the presence of smoke caused by a fire. The alarms can be hardwired in order to make all of them sound if even one of them detects smoke. You should have a smoke alarm outside of each bedroom and one on each level of your home.

A carbon monoxide detector is designed to sound an alarm if it detects too high of a concentration of carbon monoxide gas in the indoor air. Carbon monoxide gas can be deadly. It displaces oxygen in your red blood cells, which in turn depletes your brain of essential oxygen. At first, exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide might make you feel dizzy, sleepy or light-headed. As the level of the gas increases, you could feel nauseated or pass out of consciousness. Carbon monoxide is invisible, has no odor and has no taste. It is a by-product of the combustion of petroleum products such as propane, charcoal grills and natural gas.

You should have both a carbon monoxide detector and smoke detectors in your home. You can install a carbon monoxide detector on the lowest level of your house and one outside of your bedroom. There are also combination units that combine the functions of a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector. These can be hardwired into electrical systems.

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