As a college student moving straight out of the dorms, you may not have had the opportunity yet to rent a house or an apartment. You have no rental history that potential landlords can look at and determine if you are a good applicant for an empty apartment.

Rather than forgo the chance to move into your own place, you have options available to you to help you qualify for an apartment. These methods are some that you can use to apply and be approved for student living in Laramie today.

Listing the Department of Student Housing

If you currently live in or have just moved out of the dorms, you can technically provide the name of the person in charge of student housing at the university. This person essentially acts as a landlord of sorts for students living in the dorms. He or she makes sure that you pay your housing fees on time and abide by the rules.

This person can vouch for whether or not you paid your costs on time and if you were a good resident. He or she may be happy to provide a rental reference for you.

You can also have your parents co-sign your lease for you if you do not have a rental history. Your parents can ensure that your rent gets paid if you default. You can find out more about getting student living in Laramie by going to Alight Laramie.