Although an auto accident isn’t something that you want to be involved in, it could be a possibility when you’re traveling. If you’re prepared before getting inside and while you’re riding in the vehicle, then there are a few common injuries you can lessen the impact of or avoid altogether. After an incident occurs, you should consider seeing a doctor about an auto accident injury in Orlando to see if there are any broken bones or other issues that aren’t noticed right away.

Muscle Aches and Strains
A common injury that could occur as the result of an auto accident is whiplash. This involves strains and other injuries that occur with the muscles and ligaments in your body, especially in your neck and back. The injury occurs because of the speed in which your body is moving when the vehicle makes an impact with another vehicle or an object.

There are numerous types of cuts and abrasions that you can get if you’re involved in an accident. Most of the time, you can visit a doctor about an auto accident injury in Orlando and get a few stitches or staples to close the cut depending on the severity. Keep in mind that there are some cuts that might seem minimal but actually involve an artery or a vein. In this instance, you need to seek medical attention because you could experience a significant loss of blood in a short time.

Broken Bones
When your body makes contact with the interior areas of the vehicle, then it’s possible that you will break a bone somewhere in your body. Broken ribs are common from the seat belt tightening when the vehicle makes contact with the other object. Broken legs and arms are also common because they often receive most of the impact simply due to their position on your body.