Braces are gaining popularity among teens and adults. They are an orthodontic treatment that aims at straightening or aligning crooked teeth for dental health and cosmetic reasons. Adults, children, and teenagers use braces to correct underbites and crossbites so that they can improve their smile. The chances are that you are already getting nervous as your orthodontic appointment approaches. Unfortunately, the myths surrounding braces create anxiety for patients and discourage people from correcting misaligned teeth.

Your Braces will Rust

Most people believe that since braces are made of metal, they will rust when they mix with water. In reality, braces are made with titanium alloy, which doesn’t rust when mixed with water. Therefore, don’t fall for this myth. Braces in Glencoe don’t rust even if you wear them for years.

They Must Hurt to Work

Braces shouldn’t hurt, and they work well without hurting. In reality, you only experience discomfort a couple of days after the orthodontic treatment. The pain usually happens as your teeth and gums adjust to the new gear. However, the soreness doesn’t last for the entire time you will have the braces, unlike what most people believe.

They Take Forever to Work

In reality, orthodontic treatments these days even take six months to work. With the technological advancements, braces in Glencoe have been made to work within months. However, it will also depend on your current oral health state and your cosmetic goals.

They Are Ugly and Noticeable

The myth has prevented several people from achieving their dream smile. Besides, no one wants to walk around with gears that they deem ugly. The truth is that braces are these days available in a myriad of colors and they are not noticeable. You can choose clear and white braces if you want a subtler look or bright colors if you want a bold look.

You shouldn’t shy away from getting a beautiful smile because of these myths. Since you have debunked the misconceptions, you can confidently opt for braces. You should book an appointment with Lippitz Orthodontics today!