Although the popularity of home remodeling shows has increased awareness of the benefits of using blue painters tape, many of our customers still have questions regarding the tape. Using blue tape when painting can drastically increase the quality of the paint job, and these questions should increase your understanding of why we continue to recommend the product to our customers.

Why Should You Use Blue Tape When Painting?

The primary reason that people use painters tape is to make the finished paint job look more professional. The edges to the painting job will be more clear and neater than if you tried to paint without tape. When you use tape, you also tend to go more quickly because you will be less worried about the edges. This can drastically cut down on the overall time spent on the painting project.

Can You Use Masking Tape Instead?

Masking tape may help prevent spills and may help keep the edges tidy. However, the main benefit of using tape that was specifically designed for painting is that you will not have to worry about extra residue. When using masking tape, you will likely be cleaning up residue from the tape off of your walls after you are finished.

How Do You Apply the Painting Tape?

The first step to applying tape is to make sure the surface is clean. Dust and other debris can prevent the tape from sticking. Wait until the surface area is completely dry before you apply the tape.

Secondly, apply the tape as smoothly as possible. Customers frequently find that a paint roller is necessary in order to smooth the tape down completely. Our products can assist with applying both paint and the blue painter’s tape needed for your project.