It’s never been uncommon for drivers to wind up locking themselves out of their cars periodically, but advances in technology over the past several decades have made getting back in a much more complex process than it used to be. That’s where the help of a good car locksmith in Chicago will come in handy. Read on to find out about a few of the most common circumstances these professionals deal with below.

Keys Locked in Cab or Trunk

There is arguably nothing more frustrating than closing the car door only to look in the window and see the keys sitting on the passenger’s seat or loading them into the vehicle’s trunk along with its cargo and closing the hatch. If this occurs at home, it’s often possible for drivers to simply hunt down their spare sets of keys. When it happens on the road, though, it’s almost always necessary to call a locksmith for help.

Broken Keys

Older cars that are started with aging keys are more prone to break-offs, but it can happen to anyone. Whether the key has broken off in the ignition or the door lock, drivers won’t be going anywhere until they can get them out. That’s why car locksmiths carry key extraction tools and the equipment required to fabricate new keys on the spot.

Key Fob Failure

Many of today’s vehicles feature key fobs or transponders intended to lock and unlock doors remotely, open trunks, and even start vehicles from across the parking lot. When these features fail, it can cause a good deal of hassle for drivers.

Before calling a car locksmith in Chicago, try replacing the unit’s batteries. If that doesn’t work, chances are there’s a problem with the fob or transponder’s internal programming. This will need to be fixed by a professional.

Attempted Theft

When a car thief attempts to steal a vehicle, he or she often damages its door locks. In modern cars, this can trigger the vehicle’s alarm security system, rendering the car effectively disabled.

While some specialty vehicles may have to be unlocked by the dealerships that provided them, most of the time this problem can be tackled successfully by a car locksmith. Check out to learn about one service that can help or get in touch for a free estimate.