Back pain is the single most common complaint doctors hear from their patients. It is also reported to be the number on reason why people call in from work and is the condition the most prescription pain pills are prescribed for. Why all the back pain? Well, when you stop to think about the weight the spin supports all day and they way it is pushed and pulled and strained day in and day out, it is easy to see how it would begin to ache and wear down. Back pain can happen to anyone but there are some factors that can make you more prone to back problems and common activities that can make back pain worse.

Risk Factors

Some of the risk factors that will make you more likely to need to see someone who specializes in back pain in Jacksonville include:
• Being overweight
• Having a genetic disorder
• Having pre-existing conditions
• Being pregnant or recently been pregnant
• Having osteoporosis or arthritis
• Having nerve disorders
• Being over age 50

Common Activities

Many common activities that many of us engage in every day can make us more prone to back pain or can make exiting minor pain much worse:
• Doing a lot of bending or lifting often
• Carrying heavy loads without good support
• Sitting and being sedentary for long periods
• Engaging in risky habits or behaviors
• Playing heavy contact sports
• Improper workout and exercising

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