If you have an elderly family member who might need a little more care than you can provide for them at home, then an assisted living facility is an option to consider. Here are a few common services that you can usually expect.


A benefit of assisted living services in Utah County is that the workers can give medications on the appropriate schedule. When someone is at home alone or even if there’s a family member who helps to provide care, there could be days when medications aren’t taken. Prescriptions are properly refilled as well so that each resident always has what they need to take without missing a day.

Bathing and Dressing

While receiving assisted living services in Utah County, residents can get as much help as they need with bathing and getting dressed each day. Workers can take residents to a shower room and can often take them to a room where they can get their hair washed and styled so that they feel like themselves. Workers can dress residents or simply offer assistance with zippers and buttons if it’s needed.


One of the biggest challenges that some residents might face is cleaning. Workers at an assisted living facility can help keep the rooms clean and make sure the beds are made so that the residents don’t have to bend over and risk falling. There are usually housekeepers who only work at the facility to provide cleaning services while the nurses and assistants provide the medical care that residents need so that every aspect of daily life is met.

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