Location is one of the most important criteria when you are searching for condos for sale on the upper east side. The UES is always a sought-after area in Manhattan and the price range is pretty much the same wherever you look on the UES so you want to make sure you get the value. All the locations around the upper east side are considered prime because the area offers you the lifestyle amenities that most people want. Having the lifestyle that you want in the city is easy when you choose the right location. The UES offers:

  • Great opportunities for dining
  • A cultural hub
  • Great shopping
  • Easy access to parks and greenways

It is a great neighborhood that affords you the lifestyle that you hope for in Manhattan.

Super Prime

If you can get all that you want in an area of the UES what should you be looking for? You should be looking for the “super prime” location. Super prime means that the location offers something that the rest of the area cannot. Condos for sale on the Upper East Side that are in a super prime section will accrue equity faster because the value of the entire property will grow faster.

Midtown East and Upper East Side

The shorter your commute to midtown the better. Choosing a location that is closer to Midtown to shorten the commute is a good choice not only for you but for your real estate future. This area is a super prime area, anyone that works in Midtown would be highly interested in a property located so close by, yet far enough to feel like home! Before you purchase anywhere else look at the property at 200 E 62. It is a super prime location with amazing residences for sale.