Each day, many construction workers in Grand Rapids, MI are thankful for the hard hats that they wear. While soldiers created the original hard hats, they were not commonly used until the start of the 19th century in America. Yet, many workers involved in construction accidents in Grand Rapids, MI are glad that wearing them has become the norm.

In 1917, the United States Navy ordered workers to wear them when working in shipyards. Workers stuffed paper inside cloth hats to soften blows from things dropping from overhead when building the Boston Post Office, which was completed in 1924.

Workers constructing the Hoover Dam were some of the first ordered to wear hard hats. Initially, however, workers at this project, where they would spend many hours dangling from ropes while digging the dam’s hole, created their own hard hats. They took World War I helmets and dipped them in hot tar before letting them cool to create the hats. The Sixth Corporation, who was in charge of building the dam, soon ordered all workers to wear hard hats.

The next major project to require the wearing of hard hats was the construction of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss ordered that hard hats be worn because there was about one death for every $1 million spent on this project.

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