Landscaping is an art itself, part instinct, partly learned. Just as a painter starts with a blank canvas and develops a masterpiece in their mind’s eye, so does the landscape designer. With Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut, the designer’s canvas is your yard, be it bare or planted with trees and shrubs. The landscaper observes the lay of the land including the bones (structures) both permanent and temporary, living or man-made, of your land.

With Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut, the ultimate goal is the creation of a functionally and aesthetically pleasing landscape design. The landscape designer must seamlessly combine art and design in such a way it appears as though the design has always been there and did not simply fall from the sky. Some of the components used include shrubs, perennial and annual plants, ground covers, trees, retaining walls, stone outcroppings, walkways, seating areas, and more. The landscaper takes into consideration the architecture of the home as this determines the design and plantings used.

Colonial style homes tend to be symmetrical such that, if split in half, each half is a mirror image of the other. The foundation plantings would also be symmetrical to either side of the house or front door. Two-story homes like Colonials and Cape Cods look best with taller trees like Cleveland Pears, for example, at one end of the house serving to anchor the home to the landscape. Conversely, ranch style homes are overwhelmed by tall trees, so the use of medium-sized shrubs and trees anchor the home and do not swallow it.

Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut, like that provided by Northeast Horticultural Services, takes into account your long-term goals and uses for landscaped area. Are you looking for seclusion and privacy, a place to entertain, living space, or place for children to play or an area for your pets? Maybe a little bit of everything? Like the person who commissions a piece of sculpture, people hire professional landscape designers to create their masterpiece.

Not only do professional landscape design companies create beautiful landscapes, but they also have the expertise to solve problems concerning drainage, blocking unsightly views, noise reduction, and soil erosion, to mention a few. A professionally landscaped home is an investment in equity as well as adding curb appeal. When working with a landscape professional you are assured that the most appropriate planting choices for your area will be incorporated. Visit here for more information.