Controlling access to commercial property is beneficial in many ways. Access control can restrict specific areas, select rooms, or the entire building. You can also choose the methods used for controlling access. Some companies choose electronic access control to eliminate physical keys, which means you no longer need to have new ones made. You will never again have to rekey a door to avoid a security threat after losing physical keys.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Depending on your needs and preferences, commercial access control may include a cloud-based system that lets you control and manage doors remotely. You can determine who can enter and when. Cloud-based access leverages modern technology to simplify access management. The nature of the system enables you to pull reports and gather the information you need if theft occurs, and you need to find out who accessed the premises. Some companies with this type of system assign administrators to oversee it. This technology is typically easier to install and use than others.

Customized Credential Access Control

Among the many options available for access control are those that require credentials from employees and visitors. You can get a customized solution that accommodates the needs of your business. This system is tremendously beneficial when you have employee turnover and need to revoke their access. This kind of system can keep your team safe in many ways. It’s often difficult to retrieve physical keys from a terminated employee, and credential access eliminates the need to do that. For information about commercial access control, please contact Alert Protective Services, LLC now.