A commonly chosen non-surgical option to liposuction is a fat freezing fat reduction treatment referred to as CoolSculpting. Austin plastic surgery experts, through a process of controlled cooling, implement this treatment to kill fat cells in a particular treated area which your body then eliminates over time.

The use of this process is not an alternative to general weight loss. If your physical condition is such that you need to shed a significant amount of weight, you will need to move forward with proper diet and exercise first. This treatment is designed to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

As a spot fat loss treatment, some of the primary benefits provided by CoolSculpting include:

Non-surgical Treatment

As a non-invasive fat elimination procedure, you benefit from avoiding any potential downside of invasive surgery, such as scarring, time away from work or activities, and physical recovery. The commitment involved in having this procedure done is also relatively minimal. For instance, you can go for a CoolSculpting session during your lunch break if you so desire. The treatment works through a cryolipolysis method the targets only a specific area of fat cells by freezing them, while not affecting surrounding areas.

Safe and Effective

The lack of incisions makes it very safe method of treatment. It is also been demonstrated to be quite effective and has been approved as a treatment by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for fat reduction.

Treats Various Areas

Some of the most frequent areas people choose to address with CoolSculpting are the stomach, love handles, and thighs. Other areas of the body can also be treated through this procedure.

Natural Appearance

As opposed to liposuction, the results achieved through this procedure are natural due to the fact that your body breaks down the fat over time. There is also no scarring involved, which avoids the presence of those physical blemishes that exist during healing and recovery from invasive surgery.

Long-lasting Results are Possible

The results of CoolSculpting can be long-lasting by maintaining a physically healthy lifestyle. Although the results begin to show up gradually, with patience and maintaining healthy eating habits and exercise, the procedure can help you achieve your intended weight loss goals.