It can be difficult to find a way to make a hallway look different and not institutional. One option many homeowners are choosing when either completing a custom home design or a renovation is to get rid of those old hollow core white doors and go with beautiful natural looking wood Shaker doors.

Shaker doors are a great option for any style of home. They will match wonderfully with a rustic Americana style as well as with an ultra-modern minimalist style and design.

Their Versatility

One of the reasons Shaker doors are so versatile is because of their design. These doors are all constructed using the same general style. There is a definite exterior frame and then smaller interior panels. Typically and traditionally, the panels are smaller and are in a rectangular shape horizontally situated across the width of the door.

In more modern designs of Shaker doors, vertical panels may also be used. They can then be combined with a larger horizontal panel on the top with two vertical panels on the lower half or two-thirds of the door.

For a unique look, and one which is perfect for an office, den, library or even a kitchen area is to have the horizontal panels replaced with glass. This is a unique take on Shaker doors which bring in light and open up a small room while still matching all the other door styles in the home.

Options for Colors

The key to choosing Shaker doors, as with Mission doors, is to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. This is a style of door that harkens back to days when craftsmanship was very important, so you will often see these doors made of mahogany and oak, very traditional woods for use in a home.

The stain colors can range from lighter colors with the oak doors, including a very pale natural tan to a slightly yellow color to the dark reds and browns associated with mahogany.

It is also possible to choose to paint Shaker doors and still enjoy the simplicity and clean lines of their design. You will often find the painted doors on children’s rooms and restrooms or other heavy traffic areas of the home.

You really can’t go wrong with Shaker doors for any style of home décor and design. With options to choose different panel configurations, types of glass and even stain or paint colors these definitely are a versatile decorating option.

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