Could Shamanic Healing Techniques Work For You?

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Education

If you are suffering from an ongoing physical ailment for which modern medicine has given you no relief, then it may be time to start thinking about things on a more spiritual level. There are many forms of healing modalities to choose from these days, but it is important to consider that shamanic healing techniques have stood the test of time, having been employed by indigenous cultures around the world, since their beginnings, right up to the present day. That may be worth something.

Two areas that may be greatly improved through shamanic healing techniques are:

Physical Healing – sometimes a physical problem is a symptom of a deeper wound or sickness on the spiritual level so that when healing happens at the level of the soul there can be a ripple effect that improves the physical condition.

Shamanism purports that the entire universe is made up of vibrations and that when the vibrations in your body are out of alignment with the natural order, physical illnesses may occur. By engaging in shamanic rituals such as shamanic drumming, you may be able to recalibrate your physical vibrationsand find healing and release from your ailments.

If a physical ailment is caused by an external energy in or around a person’s field, the shamanic healing technique of extraction can also bring physical healing. When through the process of shamanic rituals and other energy healing techniques the overshadowing or attached energies are removed and/or cleared, improvement in the physical condition may then be experienced.

Spiritual Healing – soul doctoring is what is needed when there is emotional pain or torment in the heart, soul, and spirit. When a person feels less than whole soul retrieval techniques are often employed by a shamanic healer trained to employ this shamanic ritual. The practitioner is able to locate and coax back soul essences from the spirit realms that were previously lost by the dispirited person allowing for them to experience a return to wholeness.

While it is possible to seek out healing in these areas from a shamanic healer, it may also be worth your time to learn some of these techniques, as well. Shamanism is based on time-tested shamanic rituals, principles, and shamanic healing techniques at Lightsong. It may very well be worth your time to consider enrolling in courses such as those offered by LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine for gaining the healing and coping skills needed for experiencing well being in our modern everyday lives. LightSong School offers a wide range of courses from very basic classes designed for beginners, to more advanced classes for those who are ready to take their shamanic study to the next level. In contemporary shamanism, there is truly healing and learning available to all who choose to receive it.

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