Amazingly, in August of 2016, the Department of Defense requested that others help them develop protective gear for soldiers, including a biohazard suit. The Pentagon decided to offer prizes totally $250,000 for help in designing something items that give movement and agility to the person wearing them. Likewise, they wanted the soldiers to remain cool when wearing these suits for extended periods.

Why It’s Important

A biohazard suit can protect against a multitude of pathogens in the air and contaminants, such as chemicals. They are worn whenever these problems could arise, and soldiers are well-known for going places where chemical warfare and terrorism are prevalent. Current suits are bulky and heavy, meaning they can’t be worn for extended periods and aren’t comfortable.

What You Need

Those who participated had to have skills with technology and textiles to be able to design a new biohazard suit for the Pentagon and the US soldiers who would wear them. Likewise, they needed to be out-of-the-box thinkers and innovative to create something that could withstand crawling, jumping, running and holding weapons and other gear.


Currently, the challenge was launched by the Pentagon on August 19 of this year and kicked off on August 25. Submissions and ideas could be sent in through October 28, and these ideas are now being tested and considered. The winners of the challenge will be announced sometime in January of 2017.

Three winners will receive between $50,000 and $150,000, while three more winners will win $25,000 and five could win $5,000. The designs will then be integrated into one product that will suit the needs of every soldier and fighter. They were especially looking for heat management ideas, seamless components, such as glove-boot interfaces and mask-helmet options, as well as relieving burdens of wearing them. Visit us at domain URL for more details.