Affordable bail bonds in Phoenix, AZ is much easier to get than you think. Plus, there are several different types of bail bonds and payment options, making the bail bond process more feasible during times of lean finances. Take a look at the types of bail bonds you can obtain today.

Cash Bail Bonds

Like all types of bail bonds, the cash bail bond amount paid is 10% of the full bail amount. Thus, a cash bail bond for a $10,000 bail is $1,000 dollars. This 10% fee is the bond agent’s nonrefundable fee. Agents also accept collateral to guarantee repayment in the event the defendant fails to appear. Please note: the above might apply to cash-only bail. A seasoned bond agent can offer more specific info.

Surety and Credit Card Bail Bonds

Surety and credit cards are two other popular types of affordable bail bonds in Phoenix, AZ. For a fee of 10% to 15%, you can obtain a surety bond, a contract the bond agent presents to the state. The contract assures the state of the defendant’s future appearance in court. The bond itself gets the defendant out of jail before trial (pretrial detention).

A credit card bond merely refers to the method of payment accepted for most types of bail bonds. In some instances, the defendant or a third party can post bail at the actual detention center, swiping a debit or credit card as payment. In other cases, the defendant or a third party pays a bond agent’s fee (premium) with a debit or credit card. Contact Sanctuary Bail Bonds at for more info.