The HVAC installed in your home provides you with year-round comfort and convenience. You rely on it to keep you cool during the hottest months of summer. You also expect it to keep you warm and comfortable when winter temperatures are at their lowest. When your HVAC system malfunctions, you may recognize that you cannot fix or maintain it on your own. By hiring contractors for air conditioner near Avondale, homeowners like you can hand off critical and specialized tasks to people who are trained for them.

Refilling the Freon

It is legal for people to refill coolant in their vehicles. However, it is against the law for people who are not licensed AC or HVAC contractors to put Freon in their air conditioning units. If handled improperly, Freon can cause significant harm to the environment. With that, when you suspect your central AC unit is out of coolant, you may call an experienced local HVAC company for help. When reaching out to technicians who work in air conditioner repair near me, Avondale customers will know that the Freon is being handled safely and effectively.

Changing the Filters

Another task that you may not know how to do as a homeowner involves changing out the filters in your HVAC system. In fact, you may not even know where the filters are located. Rather than search for them, you can simply call a contractor to come out and change them for you. Once new, clean filters are put in, your HVAC system may once again start blowing out cold air. Experienced HVAC technicians can provide vital services to homeowners during every season. You can find out more about these services online. Contact American Home Heating & Air Conditioning to request more information or to schedule an appointment today.