The aluminum industry continues to make improvements in quality and safety in the commercial manufacturing of custom and OEM aluminum extrusion products. There are many options to include aluminum on your next build. Custom aluminum extrusion can be used to create just about anything you can design, including:

 * Pier Decking
 * Bleachers
 * Awning Profiles
 * Marine railings
 * Walls
 * Door Track Sliding
 * Gutter Trim
 * Kick Plates
 * Panel Hangers
 * Thresholds

There are many features and benefits to considering aluminum on your next project. Aluminum is about a third of the weight of iron, steel, copper or brass, and this makes aluminum extrusions easier to work with and less costly to ship. The strength of aluminum extrusion can be customized based on the project. It’s high in the strength-to-weight ratio which makes this material highly desirable to the aerospace, trucking, and bridge building industries. The resiliency of aluminum gives it flexibility combined with corrosive resistance it holds up in all kinds of weather conditions.

Safe Space
The internal uses of aluminum extrusion produce high-quality outcomes. The metal is an excellent thermal conductor of hot and cold. Its non-sparking properties make it a safe metal for environments with high explosive materials or when installing in flammable environments. Aluminum is an excellent electrical conductor and non-magnetic making it a safe product for high-voltage applications.

Super Mineral
It’s no wonder aluminum is a cost-effective solution for a variety of commercial uses. Manufacturers offer many colors and finishes to create a custom look and feel for your next construction project. Examples of finishes include:
 * Anodizing
 * Brushed finish
 * Chemical Wash
 * Media Blasting
 * Painting
 * Polishing
 * Powder Coating

Standard Uses
Aluminum Manufacturers will partner with designers and engineers to produce custom and OEM aluminum extrusion products to meet any designs and specifications. Many custom aluminum extrusion manufacturers carry sizeable inventory and will provide light fabrication to meet your project specifications promptly. Light fabrication includes:

 * Cutting
 * Drilling/Countersinking
 * Punching
 * Forming or Bending
 * Welding
 * Assembly
 * Brushing

Sustainable Solutions
Aluminum is the most abundant mineral on Earth. Its uses are multitudinous, and it’s a great alternative metal source for commercial, business and residential use. When you think about sustainable construction materials, aluminum should be top of mind. This metal can be recycled repetitively with no degradation in properties. From an environmental point of view, it’s a reusable and renewable material with long-lasting durability for any construction project.

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