Metal fabrication is a trade covering a variety of different skills, crafts and specialties. Fabricators also work with different metals. They learn their properties and work with the clients and the metals to produce components and objects for various industries. While some items are readily available through a pre-designed mold or other form of pre-prepared design, others are not. These one-offs or unique items are part of this specialized metalwork referred to as custom metal fabrication.

Metals and Techniques Used

The metals employed in the specialty field of customization are comparable to those utilized in standard processes. Such metals as stainless steel, aluminum and their alloys are common. If the request is for a medical instrument, however, the metals may involve the above but require plating with silver or another sterile metal. In general, the techniques are those that are common to fabrication. Welding, bending, punching, drilling, grinding and work hardening are the norm, depending upon the specifications and requirements of the metal, its intended environment and the client.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services Cleveland

Specialization of this type involves not only a complete grasp of the craft of fabrication, but also the ability to work with various groups including the customers. Metal fabricators who work in Cleveland area are part of a system that ideally sees the product from conception to production. Basic services consist of:

  • Design: The initial concept translated for rendering
  • Fabrication: The production of the prototype and later the product
  • Finishing and Assembly: Post-production work

Custom Metal Fabrication Cleveland

Custom metal fabrication provides the optimal option in many cases. It is ideal when a client requires a unique component or a specific replacement part. It is up to the fabricator to ensure the component meets the exact specifications. It is also essential the work be a collaboration from the very beginning if the custom part is to move from design to prototype to production smoothly.