Although it may seem that Custom Mosaic Glass Tile has recently received notoriety due to featured articles on home improvement shows and in home décor magazines the history of the mosaic actually dates back to ancient China 2000 B.C. Initially tiles were crafted of clay however Greek, Persian and Indian artisans innovated the use of glass in crafting tiles. Using extremely high temperatures the glass was melted and cut into consistent shapes to be used in various designs. Not only was the use of these glass pieces featured in collages but also in architecture.

Today the appeal for these tiny glass insets continues to grow because of the beauty and complexity it adds to architecture, murals and various embellishments. Its usefulness, however, extends far beyond that of murals. In architectural applications Custom Mosaic Glass Tile can be used for residential embellishments such as in flooring, pillars, columns, artwork, baths, kitchens, swimming pools, walls and walk ways. Interior designers can make excellent use of these tiles to provide a fresh and unique look to dated pieces. It’s an economical way to redesign a space and make a artsy statement. Since customization is extremely easy with glass tiles, it can be used for nearly any decorating project to add flair.

There are different types of Custom Mosaic Glass Tile and the type chosen greatly depends upon its intended application. Originally glass tile was made of vitreous glass however today with the great demand there are other types being manufactured that are much more cost effective. Crystal Glass Mosaics for example are transparent and available in a wide array of colors. Iridescent Glass Mosaics are iridescent in nature and perfect for areas that are high visibility. Metallic Glass Mosaics are composed of a special material that involves color being fused into the glass at extremely high temperatures. This type of mosaic is great for wall embellishments. Van Gogh Glass Mosaics are infused with oil paint to produce the texture of an artist’s canvas.

Interior designers can easily use any one of those types of Custom Mosaic Glass Tile to freshen up a design or draw attention to a neglected space. When used outdoors these beautifully delicate tiles can effortlessly create an eye catching conversation piece or bring warmth into a family area. Pools are a great place for mosaic tiles. The glass is easy to maintain and it holds up well under the elements.

The applications for Custom Mosaic Glass Tile are endless. With a little artistic license anyone can transform a neglected space into a visibly pleasing conversation piece.