With hundreds of unique sightseeing destinations in Kerala, it’s no wonder people return time and time again to the area. There is simply too much beauty, culture and adventure to take in on one trip. Whether you are planning a family vacation, solo trek through nature, or a romantic honeymoon the state of Kerala can cater to your every need. Finding the right Kerala tourism or honeymoon packages might end up being the hardest decision you have to make for your trip!

Numerous Options

Relaxing on a beach, a luxurious meal with a local flair, and an evening of pampering at the spa? If this sounds like something you and your loved one might enjoy, a honeymoon package could be perfect for you. Spice it up a little and give the traditional Houseboats a try. Not only are they romantic and beautiful, but they can be extremely relaxing. It’s a soothing and unique way to escape dry land and be rocked to sleep by the gentle movement of the brackish lagoons and backwaters. For those who long for adventure, serenity and some of the most amazing photo opportunities the country has to offer, a taxi tour to the northern or eastern areas of Kerala can provide it. Home to wildlife sanctuaries, mountain regions and lush jungles, both Munnar and Wayanad can entice the traveler who wants to get away from the cities and resorts.

Honeymooners Paradise

Kerala has long been the Indian destination for newlyweds, honeymooners and romantic couples. The area offers hundreds of kilometers of shoreline and warm sandy beaches. The climate is warm and comfortable year round, and a gentle breeze from the ocean can keep you cool and relaxed. Sit side by side with your lover as you both watch the sunset over the ocean and the waves gently roll in. In the distance, you may even see the spout from a whale and numerous boats passing by. After you’ve both enjoyed the afternoon with your toes in the sand, you can return to your resort for a gourmet meal or a full body massage. It’s the perfect way to end your day.

Photographic Opportunities Abound

There is no shortage of beauty in the state. From its booming metropolis cities, to the thatched rooftops of homes and houseboats you can always find something memorable to point your camera at. Wildlife in its natural habitat is a popular choice, as is the way sun filters through the misty haze in some of the low lying valley areas. With photos or without, there is no doubt you will be provided with years’ worth of memories once you return home.

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