People often take out bail bonds in Contra Costa County CA without fully understanding what they are agreeing to. They are more concerned about securing the release of a loved one than about what may happen in the future. Sadly, they are then held accountable in the event the defendant does not complete all actions required by the court. The bond is forfeited and the full amount becomes due. However, there are situations where the forfeiture may be set aside so the responsible party will not be held liable for the full amount. What are these situations?


Many people do not realize a person who is permanently disabled or otherwise permanently unable to appear before the court may have the bond forfeiture set aside. The same is true for those who are temporarily disabled or have been remanded into custody in a different jurisdiction. A person may be able to use this defense to make certain they are not held responsible for the full amount due.

A Return to Court

The forfeiture may also be set aside if the defendant does appear before the court. He or she has 180 days to be returned to the court before this option is no longer available. Individuals who opt to secure a bond need to make certain the defendant will appear in court as agreed or that he or she can be located within this time frame to make certain they don’t end up paying the entire bill.

Other Reasons

The court has discretion when it comes to the forfeiture of a bond. In the event the court deems the person was unable to appear and has a sufficient excuse as to why the court retains the right to continue the case. The case is then continued for a period of time that is determined by the court and appears to be reasonable.

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