A confident and effective keynote speech should look effortless. However, most people need some time and regular practice before they can confidently stand in front of an audience and deliver a speech. You can use certain techniques to overcome the stage fright and make a powerful presentation that will keep your audience engaged.

Being a Manchester keynote speaker is a position of power. You have the kind of knowledge that your audience wish to acquire from you. To make the speech successful, consider the points below:

Avoid Showing Signs of Nervousness

Shift your focus from your anxiety and nervousness. You are sharing valuable information with listeners who are willing to listen to you. You only need to keep calm. In fact, most of the time the audience never notice that you are nervous. Thus, avoid the signs of nervousness, which include:

  • Fidgeting– do not touch your face, scratch your head, or play with jewelry.
  • Pacing– do not pace in a random and panicky manner. Instead, you can do so in a strategic way like taking few steps then stopping.
  • Hands and body shaking– you can use cards instead of pieces of paper. This makes the shakiness less apparent.

Body Language

The appropriate body language will help you deliver your speech effectively. For instance;

  • A smile creates instant rapport with the audience
  • Facial expressions will help stress your points

Posture is very important. Stand straight and avoid swaying as you talk.

Eye contact

Engage your audience by maintaining eye contact. Let your eyes roam around the audience. Look at them more than you look at your notes. Eye contact makes you look confident and sure of what you are saying.

Gesticulate For Success

Use gestures to accompany your words and create a powerful keynote speech. You can use your arms for such gestures. However, ensure that the gestures that you use vary so that you do not end up looking like a robot.

If you are a Manchester keynote speaker, you can take advantage of the tips above, and your keynote speeches shall never be the same again.

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